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Leaders in the firefighting industry

Demsa is an Argentine industrial company specialized in the research and production of extinguishing agents to fight fires. For thirty years it has been working on new technological developments, tests and quality processes to manufacture dry chemical powders and synthetic foams to combat different types of fire.

38 years in technology development, tests and processes

Leader in South America, Demsa was created with the vision of manufacturing highly reliable products. Throughout its history, it has been consolidating its leadership based on strong investments in research and development and a strict quality framework in all manufacturing stages.

The prestige achieved has led Demsa to become the first supplier of fire extinguishing agents in the Argentine market and to transcend its borders by exporting its products to the world. At the same time, its management is oriented towards the training of its human resources and continuous improvement in order to provide products in accordance with the highest market demands.


Demsa produces dry chemical powders that cover a wide variety of applications in industry, at home, or in daily life. They are designed to serve as class ABC, BC and D fire extinguishing agents.


Demsa produces synthetic foam concentrates useful for a wide variety of application systems and compatible with the simultaneous use of chemical powders. They are designed to extinguish polar and non-polar fuel fires.

Clean gases

The trajectory and prestige of the company achieved in the market, is ratified with the appointment of Demsa as official distributor of Dupont for its line of clean gases.

Demsa Kitchen

Demsa Kitchen Liquid Wet Agent is designed for use with restaurant fire suppression systems.


Machines for mandrel sleeves, for charging powder extinguishers, for hydrostatic pressure tests and drying of portable extinguishers, among others.

Product trials

Dry chemical powders and synthetic foam concentrates have been designed in accordance with the most rigorous international regulations, ensuring optimal performance over time.

Vocation for Quality

For fifteen years, Demsa has had the ISO 9001 process certification that ensures the full validity of quality in the different stages that involve the design, production and commercialization of its products. The business will to direct its management towards respect and preservation of the environment is manifested in the decision to adjust its processes in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard.

All Demsa products are manufactured following strict quality standards established by IRAM and audited and certified by both IRAM and Bureau Veritas, which guarantees essential reliability in products closely linked to safety.



The facilities for the production of synthetic foams are the first fully automated in the Ibero-American continent, allowing both the proportions of inputs and the integration sequence, vital parameters for product quality, to be done without human intervention.

Foam Concentrates Industrial Plant

Engineering Services

Commercial offices


CENAE Research and Development

Dry Chemical Industrial Plant

Distribution Center

Extinction Laboratory

Analytical Laboratory

The Center for Standardized Testing of Extinguishing Agents (CENAE) investigates and tests dry chemical powders to combat different types of fire and AFFF and AR-AFFF synthetic foams for extinguishing non-polar and polar fuel fires. The impartiality and independence of criteria allows CENAE to provide testing services for the state of extinguishing agents to various clients not related to the production unit. At CENAE, Demsa constantly verifies compliance with the quality specifications of its current products and tests new launches, guiding them to the strictest requirements of provision and preservation of the environment.


Service vocation

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